María Stella Vergara Bacci di Capaci

Socio del Mes

Desde el microcosmos de la musica coral, lanzando puentes entre el Viejo y el Nuevo mundo

  • Member of the Professional Delegation of Conference Interpreters Autonomous European Parliament (2003-2008, Brussels).
  • VEGA member of the international network for young performers AIIC and advises on the use of voice (2001).
  • Volunteer interpreter for international NGOs such as the Association Internationale des Charités
  • Member of the Latin American choral ANACONDA (1995), Brussels.
  • President of the Latin American coral ANACONDA (2003-2007).
  • Secretary Public Relations (2007).
  • President of the A.S.B.L. TARMIS – Talent, Art and Friendship (2014).
  • Vice-President of the A.S.B.L. HONDURAS GLOBAL EUROPE
  • (2015).


  • Maria Stella Vergara
    Intérprete Parlamentaria
  • Uruguay, en 2000
    Discurso ante la Asamblea Regional de la Asociación Internacional de Intérpretes de Conferencias.
  • 1968 en Roma, Italia
    Conferencia en el Instituto Latinoamericano ILA
  • La Ceiba en 1956
    Delante de casa con mi abuela Julia Sofia Grave de Peralta Bacci di Capaci de pie justo detrás de mí, nos acompañan mis tíos y mi prima.
  • Concierto XICOCHI, New Baroque Times, Dic. 2013
    Concierto de música barroca latinoamericana

Maristella Vergara, has humanitarian vocation

I define myself as a versatile person who, having been born and raised on horseback on the old and the new world, it is time to pot and bridge cultures, hence the professional choice as an interpreter.

It has always accompanied me clinging to my Honduran roots thanks to the bond with my grandmother Julia Sofia Grave de Peralta (Trujillo, Honduras). I have always had the desire to support projects in Honduras, even though I’m from the outside. That way in Brussels, was born the nonprofit association TARMIS – Talent, Art and Friendship with the participation of Hondurans living in Belgium, and my adherence to EUROPE HONDURAS GLOBAL.

For me as I see this Foundation, it is as its name suggests me: “Honduras in the world,” or projecting your image to the world; personally, it means the combination of the look of several Honduran professionals with a single focus: the transmission of knowledge and the generation of an unusual synergy in our countries. All this regardless of the area of action of each professional.

An image of my beloved Honduras who accompanies me on my way and will always be the everlasting memory of the Ceibeña coast with its blue mountains in the background when you arrive by sea in the early morning. Then there is the nobility of mind of ordinary people and the prominent role of some people struggling against all odds to pass on their professional knowledge and ideals of integrity and diligence to younger generations so in need of encouragement and empathy.

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