Membership of the Global Foundation Honduras

There are many talented Hondurans living abroad, who want to positively promote the development of Honduras. Honduras Global was born as a response to this reality, becoming the vehicle that facilitates connections inside and outside Honduras, to develop and implement initiatives for development of the country, taking advantage of its effective network of partnerships in the public and private sectors.

Through working together we create new opportunities and spaces, and strengthen the skills and talents of Hondurans. There are four different ways you can join the Global Honduras Foundation:


1. Friends of Global Honduras

Global Honduras has created a space for people who are connected with Honduras and are interested in supporting their development from anywhere in the world. The first step is to partner as Friends of Global Honduras , group like the Partners Global Honduras  contributes to objectives and development of different activities, projects and programs of this organization. the Friends of Global Honduras are Hondurans and / or foreigners residing in or outside of Honduras, which own request or at the invitation of the Foundation, are willing to channel and coordinate their support for the development of Honduras, through the Foundation. It is worth noting that our priority activities revolve around innovation, science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

2. Global Partners Honduras

Honduras Global Partners are talented Hondurans who live abroad and wish to give a positive impetus to the development of Honduras. Partners Global Honduras contribute to the Foundation with their time, expertise, contacts, skills and knowledge and enliven programs Global Honduras. The common denominator of the partners is the combination of wanting a better Honduras to undertake activities towards this finish. Its fields of action revolve around innovation, science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

3. Honorary Members

The Honorary Members are Hondurans and / or foreign renowned and have rendered outstanding and relevant services to Honduras Honduras Global in general and specific. Selection and appointment is defined by the Board.

4. Partners

Allies are legal, national or international, public or private, such as universities, organizations, and associations with whom Global Honduras has entered into an agreement to collaborate on common goals.

We invite you to join Global Honduras:

You're Honduran and live abroad?

Please send an email to  with the following documentation:

  1. Letter of interest with a sense of contribution to the Global Honduras Foundation.
  2. o

  3. Summary Resume or Personal.
  4. o

  5. Reference provided by a partner of the Global Honduras Foundation.


Are you living in Honduras and Honduran?

Please email us at With a short summary of his career (resume) and a description of the area in which you would like to contribute to the Global Honduras Foundation.

Are you a foreigner?

Please email us at With a short summary of his career (resume) and a description of the area in which you would like to contribute to the Global Honduras Foundation.

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